You will only see my availability for the next 7 days. If no days appear available, then I'm booked solid for the next 7 days. Everyday a new day will open for booking. Example: If today is thursday, you can only see my availability until next Thursday. Cancellations show up immediately. Your hair must be 3 inches or longer. No walk-ins accepted.


Wash Hair and Scalp Thoroughly Before Arrival

Your hair and scalp must be THOROUGHLY washed and deeply conditioned at home, prior to your appointment.  I don't provide wash or drying services in the shop. If you arrive with product or dandruff buildup in your hair, I will immediately cancel your appointment and still charge you for the original timeframe booked. Arrive prepared. Do not come with any type of products or oils in your hair; these will affect my grip. If you suffer from dry scalp and there's a specific product you need to use, bring it and I'll apply it for you. 

Not cute.

Not cute.

Straightened Hair Only

You must arrive to your appointment with your hair completely straightened from roots to ends, no matter the texture. I do not provide this service. If you arrive with wet, humid, tangled or un-straightened hair, I will cancel your appointment and still charge you for the original timeframe booked. Arrive prepared.


No Children or Additional Company

Kids don't usually have the patience or tolerance to go through the braiding process, so please wait until your little one is a bit older. We don't have much room in the barbershop so please don't bring extra guests.


No Box Braids with Extensions

I don't do box braids with extensions. If you don't see a style in my services list, I don't offer it. 


Extension Hair is NOT Provided *

For cornrows with extensions, you must bring "Kanekalon" braiding hair in the color of your preference. Search for “beauty supplies” near you and purchase hair before appointment. The amount to bring is specified in each service. If the hair you find says “Xpression” on the plastic bag, it will bring double the amount of regular packs. Regular packs are aprox. 40” long, meanwhile the hair in Xpression packs is aprox 80” long. In that case, buy half of the amount specified in your service.

*For the moment, I have black and dark brown braiding hair for sale but only in my Manhattan location. Packs are $5 each. So if you are coming to my Manhattan location and your hair is any of these 2 colors, don’t worry about buying hair, you can buy it from me. I don’t have any other colors available. Please bring a small towel since the extensions have to get dipped in hot water and you might get your clothes wet on your way back home.


Credit Card Required for Appointments.

  • NON REFUNDABLE 50% deposit required to book appointment. Cash accepted at checkout.

  • No-shows will be charged 100% of the service.

  • If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, I may not be able to finish your originally scheduled service. You will still be charged the full price of the originally scheduled timeframe.

  • Choose the service you're booking carefully. I can't change your appointment to a more complex service because the time required is usually longer.





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